7 Mental habits that can make you feel bitter

7 Mental habits that can make you feel bitter

We tend to understand that people differ in term of things they do and how they relate to those around them. The world itself is all about up and down but some people easily give into hopelessness and become bitter to most things. You should know that being bitter is a negative vibe that can affect your mental health and entire body system. The moment you seems negative, the moment thing look more complex to overcome.

You need to understand the nature that bitterness is a trait that can develop more easily than you might think. When people feel hurt or betrayed, or they have a bad experience, they might start to see the world more negatively, even if they don’t realize it. Holding grudges, being jealous and focusing on negativity can only bring you down rather than being optimistic.

We also need to know that many aspects of our personalities and emotional make-ups develop over time through the psychological habits we have adopted vis-à-vis the ways we interpret events, the way we think about issues, the way we talk to ourselves about happenings and many other. Although, most people do not wish to be bitter or negative but the narrative is otherwise. It is time to stop being unhappy and angry over issues and make ourselves the architect of happiness. In this article we will discuss about 7 mental habits that can make you feel bitter and how you can avoid it.


Not caring or being jaded: Caring is a good course in a relationship either at home, work or even intimacy. But bitter people do not care about those around them. They don’t give a sign of remorselessness at any point in time and ended up being jaded. They don’t care about people that hurt them; rather they channel their anger towards others that haven’t hurt them yet. Their assumption is that other people are also about to get them. For example, a rich man that had experience like two divorce would only see other women as if they want to cheat and hurt him more. This mindset or thought now made them liable to be associated to those that can make them successful. This also makes the bitter person more likely to lash out at others for their potential to cause them pain. How to go about this? Remember that your perspective about the world and how you treat people is a direct reflection of yourself, so learn from experiences and don’t be bitter about it, still have hope in others.
Not forgiving people: Some people still believes that to forgive is just to say “it is okay, I have forgiven you” when it is far beyond that. In fact, many people say they have forgiven someone and they have not. Forgiveness is not about forgetting alone but to allow yourself to be free from the resentment of having been wronged, to accept that something has occurred and to believe that you deserve to move on from it. So, people that often feel not to let matter go are usually seen as bitter people. How to go about this? Understand the nature that you can only be positive when you have positive minds and be optimistic. Learn to forgive others and be more courageous.
Being jealous: Jealous can’t lead you to the dreamland rather sincerity. Bitter people are always jealous about others and hence don’t appreciate their success. You only need to take actions and be firm towards your aspirations and not envy those that have prospered in your chosen career. Like when someone at your office gets promotion you are also targeting, don’t be jealous about it rather look into how you develop yourself more and celebrate with achievers. Certainly, yours is also on the way. This means anytime you need something someone already has, exploit that opportunity as a source of inspiration to yourselves and try more. With time, success shall be yours too. It is just about commitment and perseverance.
Attention seeker: Bitter people are well known to be attention seeker. In life, you don’t necessary need to be noticed by people before you get what you want rather focus on being innovative and productive; many things will come your way. Those who are bitter are likely to create a big scene, act melodramatic, and all but beg you to show them that they are the most important person in the world to you. No one needs this much drama. Please avoid this habit of bitter people. If you feel a need for attention, work silently and let your results make the noise. Your achievements would speak for you without unnecessary sympathy.
Focusing on negative things: Bitter people always focus on negative issues by making reference to it in any circumstance. They limit themselves to the negative part of their experiences and hence feel as if the world is all about negativity. You need to know that when you focus too much on negativities, you are limiting yourself to a tiny set of experiences that you could otherwise be having. So, you need to let go of sad experiences, open yourself for new atmosphere and don’t be bitter about it.
Not forgiving yourself: A better way of life is to be able to learn from your mistakes and move on. Reverse is the case with bitter people, they always hold onto regrets, embarrassment, guilt in any mistake they did. While all this mental issues can lead to a bitter life, they don’t care and hence feel sad at themselves. So, you need to know that forgiving yourself can help you to reduce stress or depression, why shouldn’t you then go for healthy life than being in sorrow? Accept your mistakes, learn from it and understand that everything happens for a reason in life, it is left for you to make good use of any situation.
Not being grateful: The joy in being grateful is enough to make a good day. When you are not happy that you got a small car even when you desire you to buy a big car then you are affecting your emotions and giving yourself unnecessary challenge which is harmful to your health. Why can’t you just appreciate the little you have and work towards achieving more? Only bitter people feels not satisfied and ungrateful, so cut it off and make a better living. Be grateful and optimistic.

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