7 Early Signs You Will Observe When Your Vitamin C Level Is Low

Vitamin C also refer to as the ascorbic acid is known to be a very significant nutrient that contribute so well to the in the build up of our body immune system at all times, as it constitute a major or very essential nutrients in the body which helps to protect the body against health complications and some common illnesses. This is one of the major reasons why there should be a high level of it in our body at all time. There is a high risk when the level of your vitamin C in the body is very low,

because it makes your immune system very weakened and expose you basically to a lot of diseases. This is the major reasons why a lot of people have been into taking so many fruits and nutrient supplement that will boost there vitamin c level because of it major effect in boosting the immune system

Despite these efforts by most of the people to try and work on how to increase there level of vitamin C, there are still people who you will find around with a very low level of the vitamin C due to one reason to another and they really do not get enough of it on daily basis and this is the major reason why it very important to know the early symptoms that will be observe when your level of vitamin C is reducing more drastically.

Knowing these signs will make you know how to adjust on your diets and to be able to know how to increase your Vitamin C level as soon as possible and this is because it is a very important nutrient that is require for the defense mechanism of the body.

Below are some of the common symptoms that we observe in individuals when the level of Vitamin C is low in there body system and the signs and symptoms includes;

Frequent Nosebleed:
The Vitamin C that is taking, helps in the body in various ways as we know, therefore the regular in take of the Vitamin C helps to lessen the fragility of the nose capillaries, making then more flexible. The nose is lined with several blood vessels that is much closer to the skin surface, and can be quite sensitive and this is the more reason why you need to take in more of the Vitamin C. Therefore when there is continuous nose bleed, it invariably means that the level of Vitamin C in your body is reducing.

Getting enough of the vitamin C in the body as we have said help to increase the body immune system and as such help as a defense mechanism in the body. The absence of this vitamin makes the body prone to a lot of sickness and therefore you can get cold and other illnesses through the absence of the Vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood that constitute the defense mechanism of the body.

Dry and Rough Skin:
Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamin that is required by the body system to produce collagen that ensures that the skin stay healthy. Lack of this in the body causes various bad effect to the skin such as the skin dryness and also results in rough skin. Basically, condition known as keratosis pilaris can set in as a result of the low level of the Vitamin C in the body. Some sort of rough patches, itching can result in the very mild form which lead to more serious conditions there about and this rough patches makes the body very uncomfortable. The patches are observe in all most all aspect of the body which includes, buttocks, arm, thighs and cheeks.

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Slow Wound Healing:
Vitamin C in one of it major functions helps the connective tissues to bind together fast in cases of wound or injury and this is the reason why, when you have sufficient quantity of Vitamin C in your body system, it will be a fast recovery for you when you have a cut or injury and if the level of your vitamin C is low, you will not have a fast healing of wound and you will have to look for every source of getting vitamin C so as to get fast healing.

Swollen and Bleeding of the Gum.
For the good health condition of your teeth and gum, you need good amount of Vitamin C in your body and this is because the nutrient plays a role in strenghtening the epithelium tissue and this epithiliun tissue is present in all over the body. The pathogenic bacterial which may cause harmful effect to the gum are usually protected by this epithelium tissue and in essence, if the tissue is well strengthened by the Vitamin, it means that the gum will be very healthy and free of any dental illnesses.

When the level of the Vitamin C is low, it therefore means that serious dental infection will set in and that may leads to the condition known as the periodontis which may results in to serious tooth infection as well as tooth loss. And this is one of the major reason why the healthy nature of gum and tooth depends on the level of Vitamin available in your body.

Revival of Low Spirits:
Atimes you will discover you have a very low spirit, and you may not know the real cause of that, it could be as a result of low Vitamin C in the body, because the deficiency of vitamin c have been observe to have some kind of psychological impact in the body and hence you may find your self acting cold. This is the reason why your Vitamin C level should be very high as much as possible at all time.

Painful Joint:
People who have a low level of Vitamin C in there body have the greater risk, atleast three times more than the normal individual who have the regular vitamin C intake in contacting rheumatoid athritis which is a condition that is common to those with painful joints. There fore this is one of the main reason why it is still very necessary to have the accurate level of Vitamin C in the body.

There are alot of ways you can possess this vitamin C in the body and part of which is majorly to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, it is always very good to consume the vitamin C naturally in diet and this is mainly gotten from the very fresh fruits. Infact taking the fruit very fresh is still more better off than the blended one.

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