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21 Of The Best Gmail Features You May Not Have Found Yet

Almost everyone uses Gmail these days, but how many of these users know all the tricks and features that Google has fallen into their e-mail system over the last 15 years? How many stylish web and mobile options have not been discovered by Gmail groups? Let’s give you the ultimate speed with the best Gmail features you may not have found yet.

1. Scheduling e-mail messages

Let’s start over and more: You can now schedule emails to be sent tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon or whenever you want, or what Google says is to “take everyone’s time off” – it’s not available to every user yet but if you You’ve got the update, you’ll see a drop-down menu next to the Submit button.

2) Make more effort by right-clicking

The update released in February lets you do more by right-clicking on a conversation string (or Ctrl + click on a Mac) … as much. Migrate emails through tabs, obscure emails, mute conversations, open emails in a new window, search for messages from a particular sender, and do everything you want to do from the main Gmail view on the web.

3) Drag emails between tabs

If you’ve set up Gmail on the web by setting up separate tabs or categories on your screen (like Basic, Social, and Updates), did you know that you can drag conversations between them to reclassify your messages? Better yet, Gmail will ask you if you want to handle all emails from the same sender in the same way in the future, saving you time.

4) Get Google AI to create your own emails

Gmail introduced Smart Compose back in 2018 and recently upgraded to show on more devices and adapt to the way you write more. If you’d like to turn it on, go to Settings, General, select the Writing Suggestions box on the web, or choose Settings, then your email address, then Smart Compose on Android (iOS support is available soon).

5) Send and ask for money

You can send and request money in your Gmail messages on the web: Click the dollar icon that appears at the bottom of the compose window, then enter the amount you want to receive or send. If you’re sending money and you have not already set up a payment method with Google Pay, you’ll be asked to do so as a source.

6) Set the expiry time

Last year’s secret mode was introduced to consumers, allowing you to limit and download copies of messages, and add an optional expiration time: You can find it via the menu button (three points) on your mobile phone or web lock icon when composing an email. Works seamlessly within Gmail, and in other clients will link to your original email on the web.

7) Get notifications for some emails

You do not necessarily have to be buried under a series of notifications from Gmail for mobile apps: on iOS or Android, go to your Gmail app settings, choose your email address, and select Notifications. You can set alerts to show only “high priority” emails, working separately on notification settings configured on Android or iOS.

8) Use Gmail now

Gmail’s offline mode has changed over the past years, but you can now type “” on the Chrome tab to get a cached copy of your inbox even when there’s no connection. You must enable the feature under the Offline tab in your Gmail web settings first, and you can choose how much email is synchronized locally.

9) Mix your email stars

You do not have to fix standard yellow stars when it comes to highlighting emails because there are lots of colors and icons available. Go to General and Stars in your Gmail web settings to see what’s on: You can find stars through searches like “has: green-star” on the web, although all kinds of stars are bundled together in mobile apps.

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