2023: Online Colleges Offering Master’s Programs In Social Work

There are a number of Online Colleges that offer Master’s in Social Work and are accepting applications of interested International students. All nationalities can apply for the Online MSW program. Social work degree programs assist social workers to prepare for advanced practice and career development in different fields. Online MSW programs are meant to advance students’ expertise in social welfare practices and practicing at their pace. Genuine Social Workers usually pursue their online Master’s degree while balancing work and family life. The cost of Online education is not as high as on-campus programs cost.

In this blog post, we will tell you about the best online schools for social workers to pursue their Master’s degree programs. We will give the list of all academic institution that are offering Social Work Master’s degree online. Majority of these institutions fees are the most affordable all compared to others. If the fees are too high for your likeness, you can apply a fully-funded Social Work Master’s Scholarship.

Universities offering Online SW Master’s Programs:

• University of Houston
• Indiana University
• Florida State University
• University of South Florida
• University of Southern California
• University of Central Florida
• University of Texas at Arlington
• Arizona State University
• Louisiana State University
• Texas State University

• University of Houston
The University of Houston’s Graduate School of Social Work is offering an Online Social Work Master’s degree. The program is affordable for all persons who may be willing to apply. All the admitted students for this great degree program must complete a minimum of 900 hours of clinical fieldwork to meet UH’s graduation standards. The online classes include policy in the social environment, contemporary social policy analysis, human diversity and development, combating oppression and injustice, and practice evaluation, including required field practicum.

Founded in 1927, University of Houston has more than 45,000 students from different countries of the world.

• Arizona State University
Arizona State University is offering an Online Social Work Master’s degree. The students admitted for this online program will complete a minimum of 20 classes for a total of 60 graduate degree units to receive a graduation certificate. The classes offers for this Master’s degree program include Macro human Behavior and Social Environment, Diversity and Oppression in Social Work Communication, Social Policy and Services, and Professional Experience. ASU offers an affordable online program.

• University of Central Florida
The University of Central Florida is offering an Online Social Work Master’s degree program. The admitted students for this program will have to complete 62 graduate credit units with seven-week terms for proper graduation. The advanced standing track demands 32 semester units. This program is accredited by CSWE.

• Texas State University
Texas State University is offering an Online  Social work Master’s degree program. This online grants two academic tracks–a foundational Master of Social Work degree and an advanced MSW degree for students who possess a BSW degree in application. The classes for this program are human behavior and the family social environment, innovative interventions with families/groups, social welfare policy, program planning and grant-based resources. This university’s online program is affordable for students all over the world.

• University of Texas at Arlington
The University of Texas is offering an Online Social Work Master’s degree program.  The admitted students for this online program are to choose from geriatrics, mental health, child/family, substance abuse, or community and administrative practice. Online Social Work Master’s degree programs are granted with three start dates each calendar year.

How long does it take to complete the online program?
The full-time programs usually run for two years to complete online, while the part-time programs can run for two and a half to four years to complete. Though, the duration of these programs are determine by the number of classes.

GPA requirements for Online SW Master’s programs?
The GPA requirements vary from school to school. Universities may demand a GPA of 3.0 or higher for almost all their programs. Nevertheless, some programs may demand a minimum of 2.5, and if the student has a low GPA, the university may demand a GRE score.

Is financing Possible for online SW Master’s programs?
Certainly, there are. There are some universities, organizations and individuals that offer financial aid to students to complete their online programs. These supports may come as fully or partially funded.

The Online Social Work Master’s degree programs are not competitive. And students can participate in classes anywhere at their convenient time. The tuition fees are affordable.


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