2022 Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Study Grant in UK

What a fantastic offer! You can now for the 2022 Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Study Grant in the United Kingdom!
In 2022, the Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research grant was founded and it received many kind support from the ALBORADA Trust Board.
The Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research study grant aims to assist researchers at the post-doctoral level and above from the University of Cambridge.
More than 260 awards have been made, to assist Cambridge researchers to engage their African colleagues from 31 African countries.


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The Aim of Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Study Grant:
• To encourage training, research and engagement activities between University of Cambridge and sub-Saharan Africa.
Benefits of Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Study Grant:
The research grant is between £1,000 and £20,000, and it covers the following;
° Your research costs (like reagents, equipment and fieldwork).
° You research-related travel between Cambridge and Africa.
° It covers your costs of conducting research training activities in Africa.
Selection Criteria for Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Study Grant
• You must be at the post-doctoral level or above, and by completing an application, it is understood that you are doing so with support from your Head of Department or equivalent.
• You should have a formal link to a research group/department/faculty in your institution
• You are required to remain employed beyond the end date of your ALBORADA awards.
• If you are applying from Cambridge, you must either be working at the University of Cambridge, or at a Research Institute affiliated with the University.
• If you are a Cambridge applicant, you will act as the lead applicants, for administrative purposes, as the awards have to be paid to their Cambridge Departments/Faculties/Institutes.
The Applicable Region for Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Study Grant
• Applicants from Sub-Saharan African countries including Sudan are eligible to apply.
• If you are an African, you must be based in a sub-Saharan African Research Institution or University.
Application Procedure for Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Study Grant
• You must register and complete a saveable online application form, available on the Cambridge- Africa portal.
• The following documents should be provided final submissions:
• A case for support and a lay summary.
• An itemised budget (template provided).
• CVs (maximum 2 pages) for both the Cambridge and Africa PI The details of two suggested referees are needed; these should be individuals who have no conflicts of interest with the project or investigators.
• A letter of support from the department/faculty of the Cambridge PI. For the Department of Engineering, a letter of support from the Head of Division is required.
• A letter of support from the department/institution of the African PI
• Are you eligible to apply but unable to register on the page above? Please contact alboradafund@cambridge-africa.cam.ac.uk.
Closing Date: September 5, 2022

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If you are considering to apply for this scholarship program, make sure you apply for it on time. It’s fully funded and covers lots of expenses.

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