8 Natural Antibiotics That Help Kill Bacteria in the Body

8 Natural Antibiotics That Help Kill Bacteria in the Body

There are some certain substances that possess antibiotics properties and the only thing needed is to know the one to use and those to avoid. Medicine has been a great thing to look upon right from the ancient years that our ancestors had to bank on the natural things around in order to provide medicine to different ailments.

This shows that even when people are sick during olden days, there could be prescription for their ailment just as when we can easily walk in to meet a doctor and come out with drugs’ prescription. We have some antibiotics prescription for antibiotics that you can get from stores or pharmacy such as penicillin and many more.

However, it is very possible to make use of natural ingredients in serving antibiotics purpose and it is observed to be very effective in treatment.

Meanwhile, it is reported by NHS that one out of ten people that take antibiotics usually experience side effects that are unhealthy to their digestive system and it is also put that around 1 out of 15 people are allergic to the medication. With these figures, it is expedient to look into how natural ingredients can serve this purpose and that is what we shall be discussing in this article.

8 Important Natural Antibiotics That Is Helpful to the Body

  1. Garlic and Onion: These two spices seem to have common medicinal properties. They can serve as antifungal, antibacterial and anticancer agents. Researchers have it that garlic can be used to fight against tuberculosis.
  2. Ginger root: Ginger is a natural antibiotic that has the strength to fight against bacteria in the body. You can eat ginger as fresh, powdered or dried. It is very useful in relieving motion of sickness, loss of appetite and nausea. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can serve as a pain reliever.
  3. Honey: Honey can be used as an ointment that can assist wounds to heal and prevent or draw out infection. It consists of hydrogen peroxide and it is also on records that common honey can help terminate over 60 different kinds of bacteria. In case of health conditions such as chronic wounds, burns, ulcers, skin grafts and so on, you can easily treat it with the use of honey. Honey can provide coating that fosters a moist environment.
  4. Coconut oil: If you are thinking of a spice that is very versatile, consider making use of coconut oil. Coconut oil is an antibiotic that can help cure different conditions such as coughs, inflammation and possibly warts. Coconut oil contains antimicrobial properties and that is why it is effective in preventing harmful pathogens from penetrating to the digestive system.
  5. Echinacea: This spice has been used for a long time in providing medical treatment against infections and wounds. According to a study published inside the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, the extracts of Echinacea helps kill different types of bacteria. It is also helpful to fight against inflammation that could be associated with bacterial infection. It is a member of the sunflower family that is one of the best natural antibiotics that can be used to fight against common cold.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar: This is another interesting natural antibiotic you should get to know. It contains acetic acid and very effective as anti-inflammatory. ACV can help reduce the symptoms of different health conditions such as acne, gout and arthritis. In case you are looking for a good dose of probiotics, get Apple Cider Vinegar.
  7. Oregano: The oil of oregano is said to contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can consider adding to other natural medicine in order to fight against common cold, infections and parasites. Also, people that are willing to protect their skin against harmful bacteria can make use of oil of oregano as a supplement.
  8. Cloves: There are numerous studies that are going on in order to get the latest medical importance of cloves. One major component of discuss is the importance of this spice in maintaining and improving oral health. Cloves can be used to fight against other medical conditions such as plaque, gingivitis and even bacteria. Oregano is also been said to serve as an antioxidant in boosting the immune system.


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