Simple Ways to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Your Kitchen

Simple Ways to Get Rid of Bad Smells at Your Kitchen

Simple Ways to Get Rid of Bad Smells at Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a place that deserves to be clean, tidy with good smells. But, when you sniff around the kitchen, you will notice odors persist even after clearing the trash and doing other chores. Some smells can even make you hold your nose and move out of the kitchen sometimes. During summer time when there is hot outside, you might also experience kitchen smell and you will need to start thinking of where the odors emanated from.

You will think of where it is coming from and how you can get rid of it as soon as possible without delay. It is true that the kitchen sink is often neglected by most people and it is usually caused by us. However, this article has look into several ways the bad odors can get wiped off and how your kitchen can start to smell so clean and fresh.

  1. Start by using boiled water: It is very possible that some leftover foods may have been stuck to the rot in the drain and you should fight the bad odor by firstly get the stink a good hot flush. You can just pour a small amount of boiling water down the kitchen to flush out any unwanted leftover food. When the water is hotter, more bacteria will be wipe out as it cycles through the kitchen sink drain. Unarguably, this is the easiest way you can deal with the bad smells in your kitchen and it is always advisable it should be done at least weekly.
  2. Make use of lemons: Make sure you don’t always throw away lemon immediately when you use it for cooking a dish. You can just cut them into pieces and use it to wipe the bin which will eventually help prevent bad smells. You can just add some vinegar to lemon peels and freeze it. With this process, you will be able to have some cleaning cubes in your house anytime you notice the bad smells.
  3. Citrus Rinds: Just as lemons, always endeavor you don’t toss out your citrus rinds as it perform actively in fight against bad odor in the kitchen. You should always toss the rinds down the sink and then turn on the faucet. Then, you can just flip the garbage disposal switch and make your stance to a nice smelling sink. This process will enable you to experience good smells at your kitchen with the use of natural products rather than resulting to the use of harsh chemicals that might be effectual along the process.
  4. Get a new sponge: You might not know that your sponge is the cause of smells in some conditions. Sponge can easily house different types of bacteria and microorganisms. If possible, it is advisable that you get new sponges every week and don’t away the old one by using new ones.
  5. Distilled White Vinegar: Distilled White Vinegar can help you to clean the stove and can even enable your food to taste better. It usually fights against the sink of bad odor. It is a natural cleaning agent that is mildly acidic. The scent of white vinegar will always surpass anything that is causing bad smell for you at the kitchen and it will also provide a fresh clean for your kitchen.
  6. Clean up little bits of foods: Those foods you can as very little can also be the cause of bad odor in your kitchen. It is because they can later start to smell big with time and when you leave them behind in the drain of the sink or dishwater, they may later result to bigger dirt that can bring about poor smells. Therefore, clean up any split food or crumbs immediately and it is a good way to prevent vermin from getting access to your house.
  7. Ice and Salt: Another good remedy to bad odor is the use of ice and salt. In a case whereby you have a garbage disposal, when you add salt and ice together, you can use it to wipe off the bad odor as ice will help you clean the blades and salt will perform as an abrasive scrub. You can make use of salt to clean out bacteria from any leftover food.
  8. Baking soda in the fridge: Another good way to solve odor problem in the kitchen is by putting a small bowl baking soda in the fridge. You will however need to always refresh the baking soda every three months and due to its effectiveness, it can cover a large area. Meanwhile, it is easier for you when purchase an air filter for baking soda that are specially designed to let your fridge have good smell.
  9. Ventilation: In a situation whereby you are cooking things that naturally leave a bad smell and it is not your interest to let the smell linger, you can do it in such a way that the air move around freely when the window is opened while cooking or by putting a fan in the kitchen.
  10. Dispose leftovers immediately: If you have any leftover foods or anything at your kitchen probably seafood or leftover meats, kindly take them out of your kitchen immediately and ensure it is disposed appropriately. Prevention is always better than cure and you should stick to that.
  11. Use a plumber incase the smell persists: After trying the natural ways and yet the smells still remains. It is right time to call professionals to look into it. It might be that there is actually something that has stuck inside the plumbing or maybe there is a particular kink in the drain hose of your dishwasher. The plumber will help you to check all these and identify where they smells might come from. This will enable you to solve the smell problem and you won’t need to cover your nose anymore when you are cooking.

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