Do You Suffer From Back Pain? These Four Things Can Help You

Do You Suffer From Back Pain These Four Things Can Help You
Do You Suffer From Back Pain These Four Things Can Help You

Do You Suffer From Back Pain? These Four Things Can Help You

So get rid of this pain in your back
Back pain is no longer just a disease of the elderly as more young people are beginning to suffer from back pain as well. According to the Science Health Foundation, about ten percent of young people go to a general practitioner to treat back pain specifically. Among adults, this percentage is higher as a quarter of them suffer from back pain. It’s a serious problem! Fortunately, there are some things you can do yourself to avoid painful pain.

Keep these four things in mind if you want to prevent back pain.
Back ache
How can there be more and more people walking around with back pain nowadays? According to UKB, this is because of our current lifestyle. They report that we move less and often suffer from weight gain. In addition, teenagers tend to play video games rather than exercise. One of the most effective ways to combat back pain often moves. Transition is necessary! Take, for example, a walk in the forest toward the stairs or take it instead of the elevator.

Apart from that, there are four other things that can help you:

  1. Attitude
    The correct position when sitting is the so-called “open corner”: your upper legs should be lower than your seat and point down. This makes the angle between the upper body and your upper legs greater than 90 degrees. This way, your pelvis stays in the right position and the spine maintains a natural curve. This position does not put any of your body parts under stress and allows abdominal breathing. It is important to remember that even when you are sitting, your feet should be firm on the floor.

  2. Lift properly
    Many back pain is caused by improper bending, pushing, lifting or pulling when bending. Do you have to lift something heavy? Follow these rules to prevent back pain:
    § Make sure your situation is stable.

    § Bring the object you should lift as close to your body as possible and keep a straight back. Tilt the pelvis, pull the abs and hold your breath when lifting.
    § Raise your legs. Bend your knees, grab faces and straighten your legs while lifting. Maintain a compact weight against you body all the time.

    lifting Avoid lifting and rotating at the same time. Do you have to turn anyway? Don’t turn around with your upper body alone, but turn your entire body by taking small steps to navigate.

  3. The way you lie down
    You sleep better on your back. This way, your body weight is divided into as much space as possible. It is not recommended to sleep on your belly because your neck lends a touch of sharpness and long arches in this position. Apart from that, people who sleep on their stomachs tend to sleep longer in the same position while it is better for your appearance when you move a lot in your sleep. Sleeping on both sides is also acceptable as long as you make sure you have a supportive pillow to sleep on. Draw your knees slightly and have your lower arm in front of your chest.

  4. Standing strong?
    When you do jobs around the house that involve standing, such as ironing or cooking, you may occasionally have to back your back. If possible, try to prepare the ironing board or rooftops in a way that will prevent your back from bending. The ideal height for a counter top is ten to fifteen centimeters below your elbows when you stand. Do I have to bow down to reach the bathroom sink? Put one foot back, keep your leg out back and lean on the pelvis with one hand. Make sure that when you brush your teeth, you stand straight. In addition, rinse your mouth with water in a glass instead of drinking it directly from the tap.


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