Know What The Color of Your Tongue Says About You

That very moment when your doctor decided to examine your mouth and then ask you to open it for them to see it, don’t be surprised they might actually be looking at the color and nature of your tongue to sense what might likely be happening to your tonsils and tongue.

This shows that your tongue actually pass meaningful message about your body system. By the time doctors understand how the tongue look like, they resulted into stating possible challenges that might arise if any. Therefore, there is no gainsaying the fact that the tongue is an important part of the body with numerous functions and uses. The tongue is very essential to our health because it is through it that we are able to perform some functions such as chewing, eating, tasting, drinking or even talking. It is now obvious that this tiny muscle can actually give more insights about how the rest of our body is working. Therefore, this article shall be focusing on what your tongue actually means to your health and how you can have a healthy tongue.

What Does Tongue Means?

Tongue is not really a skin but rather a tiny muscle that is covered with a pink and moist tissue which is maintained by a large flow of blood. Your tongue becomes red-pink in color due to the presence of mucosa and high blood pressure. Since we’ve been able to understand the nature and possession of the tongue, it is imperative to state it clearly that the colors of tongue actually mean a lot with different information about our health condition. In that regard, we will be discussing the colors of tongue and its stance henceforth.

What Your Tongue Says About Your Health:

Your tongue possesses three components which include the apex, the body and the root. The first one which is the apex is the tip of the tongue, the body is the other part of the tongue which extends to the throat and the root is the part that fixes the tongue with the mouth through the base.

Can There Be Wrong Color?

We’ve stated that the color of the tongue is red-pink and indeed it is you can also have other colors on your tongue which might be regarded as abnormal colors. Part of the colors include: Black, Blue, Purple, White, Yellow and Bright Red.

Now, let us talk about each color and what it means to your health.

–         When The Tongue Is Black: In a case whereby the tongue turns black much like hair, it might not be directly associated to medical conditions but rather the tongue might be through elongation of papillae which can keep growing with time. However, the causes of black tongue might not be unconnected by some certain OTC medications, use of hard drugs, consumption of tobacco, poor local hygiene or mouthwash products. The moment papillae grow over time on your tongue; it might become long and can cause bacteria. By the time the bacteria grow on your tongue, it will result to making your tongue look dark or black and in fact overgrown papillae can look hair-like.

–         When The Tongue Is White: A major abnormal color that is always associated to poor hygiene and other related conditions. Part of those conditions that may lead to the whitening of your tongue include:

a)     Leukoplakia: This is a condition whereby the cells in your mouth keep growing increasingly and it will therefore lead to white patches that will be around the tongue which is inside the mouth. It is observed that this condition can come up when your tongue get irritated. In other words, you are expected to have Leukoplakia when there is irrigation of the tongue which is usually caused by chewing tobacco. In the process, leukoplakia will causes cells that are known as mucous membranes to inflame.

b)    Oral thrush: This condition is often originated from a yeast infection in the mouth that is called Candida Albicans. Although this condition is usually seen around infants and old people, people with weak immune system might also be prone to. Also those with diabetes and people that are having lung disease can also experience this condition. In a nutshell, Oral thrush emanated from yeast which then brings about white and creamy patches on the tongue’s surface.


c)      Canker Sores: This is another white sore that is seen around the tongue. It is usually contain white to yellowish lesions at the center of the tongue. This condition might not have any harm but if it persists, you can go for proper medication to avoid underlying conditions.

–         Blue: A situation whereby a tongue goes blue, then you should know it is time to take a bold step and go for proper medication as soon as possible. When your tongue is blue, it might be as a result of cyanosis and it cause lead to disruption of oxygen supply to your tissue. In fact, this cyanosis can birth heath diseases such as blood disorders, blood vessel diseases or cardiac conditions and other related conditions.

–         Bright Red: This is another abnormal color that has meaning to your health condition because it is related to different issues such as Glossitis or inflammation of tongue. It is also on record that a bright red can also be a sign of nutrient deficiency.

–         Yellow: This is another discoloration although not really common to the tongue unlike others. In most cases, it usually comes before the growth of black tongue. Meanwhile, people with yellow tongue are likely to have symptom of jaundice. Jaundice is a morbid condition characterized by yellowness which might be caused by any liver disease.

–         Purple: There exist two different circumstances associated with the cause of purple. It is either through a nutrient deficiency (lack of vitamin B2 in most cases) or as a possibility or predecessor of having blue tongue which is severe to the mental health. Therefore, it is expected of people with purple tongue to approach medical expert that can give you proper medication before the color move back.

Make Sure You Watch Over Your Tongue!


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