How To Earn Money By Reselling Your Tickets And Where To Sell It

How To Earn Money By Reselling Your Tickets And Where To Sell It

You might probably be wondering how lucrative it can be by reselling your tickets, in fact some people can thinking it might seems impossible to get money by reselling your tickets. When you are able to get a ticket for a particular program or event maybe at a comedy show or live music performance, in any case, you can still earn money from the ticket you purchased.

If you have been dreaming or willing to resell your tickets and wish to make money from it, reading this article will guide you in such quest. This article will talk about how and where you can actually resell your tickets in order to earn money from it. Kindly note that tickets we are talking about in this article are papers or documents that give you legal permission to enter into a program or event. The ticket will allow you to participate in such particular occasion and grant you access to know it is happening in such program. Tickets are always normal in occasion as it will enable organizers to manage the crowd or attendants. Meanwhile, you can also use ticket to watch live football matches or other specific function. In a nutshell, tickets vary and it solemnly depends on the nature of the event you want to participate. This shows there are different types of ticket and the place and how to use it only depends. There are tickets used for transportation also which might be rail ticket or flight ticket or bus ticket. Simply say, there are tickets for different purpose such as live concerts, sporting activities, festivals, transport and many more.

People now find it convenient to resell tickets and it is now a general issue nowadays in such a way that people can simply buy tickets for different occasions and resell them for profit. In fact, there is no one that can do this scope to get money; you can also be part of them, just keep reading!

The good thing about this is that you will be able to get more extra for your financial expenses by reselling tickets. The process of doing that would be explained subsequently.

What Does Ticket Reselling Means?

Reselling of ticket simply means you are trying to buy a ticket at a lower price and resell it at a more costly price in order for you to make profit out of it. This process can also be called ticket touting whereby you will purchase tickets from a registered owner in bulk and sell it at the marketplace for people that are interested at a high price. People that really wish to earn more money can find this business lucrative as they will be able sell at a profitable rate and use it for other businesses. In fact, most of reselling tickets transaction is usually done online.

Ticket Reselling and Ticket Scalping

Ticket reselling is quite different from ticket scalping due to the fact that if you are engaging in ticket reselling, you will resell out the tickets because you got it from licensed authority and resell them. Also, people engaged in tickets reselling often operate in line with the stipulated laws guiding reselling of tickets in such particular area. Meanwhile, people that are operating ticket scalping are considered illegal and violating laws guide the reselling of tickets because they usually sell it to black market. Ticket scalping is when people resell tickets illegally just to get quick money without following the required guidelines, in fact most of people doing these do sell it near the event place just to get some money without following due protocols.

Why You May Wish To Resell Your Tickets?

There are different reasons people might wish to resell their tickets. It might include:

  • People that aren’t any longer interested in a particular occasion they have already purchased the ticket, they can resell it.
  • When you don’t wish to watch a game anymore after the purchase of the ticket, it can be resold.
  • When you have already purchased a ticket for someone that can’t later attend the program.
  • You might choose to earn more money from this process and use it as a side hustle in order to make profit.

Why Is It Good To Resell Tickets?

In case you are ever a victim of disappointment, you would probably realize how difficult it can be sometimes to get tickets for a program at the late minute to the occasion. It might be difficult around that time and you might probably end up getting the ticket at a high cost than expected. In some scenarios where there is last minute request for tickets, such decision by people can make a good way for you to earn cool money from it. Some people hardly get tickets at the appropriate quarter for events and their only option is to get it from those that are legally reselling it. This might be a good course for you to pursue and get more cash as profit.

What Makes Ticket Reselling Profitable?

It is real that you can get profit from reselling tickets and people always think it is not very possible. However, you can actually resell tickets at a high price and earn profit. What you only need to do is by making sure you are doing it legally and know the process expected to follow. Some of the reason why reselling tickets is profitable includes: there are some conditions that can make reseller of ticket to end good profit from this business; when there is a last minute rush to an event, some people might be so interested in the program to the extent that they will be willing to buy ticket at any cost just to have access to the event and also when the licensed authority already sold out the tickets to resellers, people won’t have choice than to buy it from resellers at a high price. With this, you can actually see how profitable the business of reselling tickets is.

Ways To Make Profit As A Ticket Reseller:

There are numerous ways you can really make use of and it will earn you good profit as a ticket reseller. The following ways can help you make profit by reselling ticket:

  • Go through online websites and check out tickets that are possibly sold out already. That nature of tickets can sell out again.
  • Make sure you buy the tickets from the licensed authority very early which will give you opportunity to get it at a cheap price or discount. They might offer you discount when you buy tickets at early stage.
  • Buy different type of tickets and keep them intact, resell it when the date of the event is near.
  • You should calculate all the likely expenses you can incur in the process so that you can know all much you will resell the ticket. It is simply that your profit will be determined when you minus the sale you made from the total cost of the tickets.
  • You might choose to extend your business ideas and use to profit you make to start an investment or business. This will enable you to create more wealth and made you financially stable.

How Can You Start Reselling Tickets?


Ticket reselling is types of business that can earn you profit and make you have opportunity to explore other business idea. However, just as you can’t do other business with some requirements, tickets reselling also need some tools that can enable you operate easily. The first thing you need to have as a ticket reseller is a computer system with access to internet connection. Then you can now open a three column sheet where you input the necessary information such as the tickets you bought, the tickets you have sold and the profit you have made from each.

The Way Tickets Reselling Works?

The process of tickets reselling includes:

To Buy Tickets For Reselling:

It is only when you buy tickets that you can stand a chance of making profit from it and there are some methods that you can follow to buy tickets such as:

  • Use of Credit Card Presale Tickets: You can get your tickets with the use of a credit card whereby you have opportunity to presale tickets for some big events. Credit cards that are most accepted for such deals include American Express card and Citi. Sometimes, these credit cards offer good discount to the buyers.
  • Look for Websites Where Tickets Are Sold: Another way of buying tickets is when you search online for websites that are selling tickets. You can go through it and know the time the tickets will be on sale and buy it very early so that you can sell it at a higher price later.
  • Go for Fan Club Tickets: This option will certainly get you discount to your purchase. They offer good ways you can get the tickets at a cheap cost. What you only need to do is by making sure you read the terms and conditions of the fans club to know if they accept ticket reselling of such tickets. You should also know the requirements of the club before you join it as some club can request for membership fee while some will only tell you to join the club for a certain period before you have access to presale tickets. In any which way, make sure you do research very well on fans club before you join.

How To Sell The Tickets?

The use of technology that birth internet connection can be said to ease the process of reselling tickets. After you get the tickets, the next thing is to be strategic on how to resell it. There are marketplaces that you can use to sell out the tickets. Also, there are online resources that allow you to sell your tickets and it is in line with the laws guiding the particular area or state. What you only need to do is just sign up on those websites and create your personal account; the websites include StuhHub, Ticketmaster and many more. In fact, you can now deliver the tickets electronically and physically. If electronically, you only need to enter the ticket’s barcode when it will be delivered to the buyer directly for them to print out. After which the buyer will pay immediately. If you wish to deliver the tickets physically, you can just use printed labels after the buyer pay online. It could be through PayPal or check deposit or any other payment medium.

The Best Four Websites That Help In Reselling Tickets:

We have different online platforms that you can resell tickets and here are four of them that you can use:

  1. StubHub: StubHub is one of the most known online resources that allow you to buy and sell tickets. You can list out the tickets on this platform for free and it only charges high when you high when you opt for ticket resale. The reason why it charges high is due to the fact that the website is one the best sites for this purpose with very wide users and has a higher traffic.

Ways to follow on how to resell tickets at StubHub:

  • Login to website and create an account then sign up
  • Search for some events on the website
  • Click “sell” button when you identify events you have tickets for
  • Set a price for your tickets; it could be a fixed price or negotiated. The website might however reduce the price to set to make it appeal to the customers
  • You can then choose your preferred payment option either PayPal or paper check.
  • You receive payment after the ticket is sold
  1. SeatGeek: This is another online platform where you can easily buy and sell tickets. You can sell tickets of different occasions such as live concerts, sports, entertainments, music shows and a lot more. This site can also allow you to either physically or electronically sell out your tickets. The process to follow on this website include:
  • Enter the website and create your personal account.
  • Check the “My tickets” section in your dashboard.
  • Use the link at the top of the page to upload your tickets.
  • Set a price of the tickets.
  • Click on the “Sell” button.
  • Get paid after the website has taken a commission.
  1. Ticketmaster: This is another website that is well known and reliable for ticket business. Ticketmaster operates in specialization which includes ticket resale, marketing, ticket sale, ticketing technology and many more. You can resell ticket on this website through this process:
  • Login to your account and click on your order to view tickets.
  • Choose the tickets you want to sell.
  • Place a price on the tickets you want to sell.
  • Select your preferred payment option.
  • Authenticate the details you give and click on “list ticket” button.
  • You will be redirected to a confirmation page and also receive a confirmation mail.
  1. Vivid Seats: Vivid Seats is a great platform with huge users closely to that of StubHub. It also charge a high fee for ticket resale and the process to followed includes:
  • Open your personal account on the website.
  • List out your tickets on the account (this is free).
  • Place a price on it and state the quantity.
  • You will be sent a notification when it is sold.
  • Upload your e-tickets through email.
  • You can also ship your manual tickets through shipping label to buyers.
  • Choose your preferred payment option and get paid after the customer received the ticket.


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