7 Warning Signs To Show A Person Is A High – Functioning Alcoholic

7 Warning Signs To Show A Person Is A High - Functioning Alcoholic

7 Warning Signs To Show A Person Is A High – Functioning Alcoholic

Alot of people see alcoholics as a means to step down stress or overcome depression and before you know it the become an alcoholic addict. Basically Alcoholism is extremely very bad to the health and mental well being of individual as it causes alot of serious health complications. Basically some individual even go as far as using alcohol to kill down relationship stress, meanwhile not knowing they are putting there lives in alot of danger. 

When you are face with a bad relationship or uncaring partner and you results into many thinking, you should not automatically results into use of alcohol as the last result. Because so many individual who have addiction to alcohol in the modern days start by the use of alcohol as a means to wipe away worries or thinking. But nothwithstanding, this alcoholic addicts or individual always faces alot of stigmatization in the environment as alcoholism is seen as a disease. Even them who drinks, see themselves as a person that belongs to a different social circle in the community. 

It is those people who have a secrete addiction to alcohol that are refers to as functioning alcoholics and there are many signs that will be seen in a person before they finally become totally addicted to drinking.

In other to lay more emphases once again, we should know that no matter how normal or well behave an alcoholic addict is in there general way of life, it is not still enough to think or assume they are healthy internally because they are not, as alcohol constitute a very great health risk in the body of man.

The following are some of the signs or habits that will be noticed in an individual before they become an alcoholic addict.

1. Hiding The Alcohol
This is one of the first major attribute and signs that will ve notice in a functioning alcoholics. They tend to hide there drinks and not necessarily intrested in sharing drinks or drinking in the presence of people. They prefere to be alone in there house or offices to sit and drink all alone, according to an expert, hiding alcohol is one of the first major signs of alcoholism and this is basically the reason why it is very difficult to stop someone who is trying to start drinking because no one will even know as they tends to hide there drinks and drink when they are all alone.

2. They Usually Choose Alcohol Over Food:
Most atimes, the functioning alcoholics prefer to take there drink in place of there meal at almost all times, they prefere taking alcohols as many times instead of eating and this is the major reason why they drink far above the normal people. So, one of the basic signs of a functioning alcoholics is there major interest in alcohol all most all the time and this inturn build there addictions to alcohol.

3. Non Stop Drinking:
The long continous drinking is also one of the major reason of addiction of functioning alcoholics. They think almost non stop, drinking almost all the time they have the opportunity to and with this they end up being totally addicted to drinking alcohol.


4. Excess Consumption Of Alcohol:
Drinking of Alcohol at any point is never tiring to a functioning alcoholics, they are necer satisfied with just a glass or two or even three, they drink as much as possible. Once you notice this in an individual such person is already given signs of a functioning alcoholics. Because they really don’t drink on minimal level, they drink excessively at any opportunity they found.

5. Unreasonable Justification On Why They Drink:
They give reasons and excuses for why they drinks, they try everything possible to justify the reason why they drink, even  though they do not usually have any significant reason why they do so but they will just always find something to say. They give reasons such as they are stress, or feel like relaxing and so many other senseless justicfications. Even when you try to tell them all the health implications that is attached to drinking, they will still find a way to always turn you down.

6. Behavioral Changes
Someone who is an alcohol addicts usually have a diverse behavior, from being gentle to being rude and aggressive, they always have alot of mood swings and talk with high temper especially when they are under the influence of the alcohol and under same influence they can also make some kind of impulsive and wrong decisions.

7. They Stay Away From Reality
A person who is an alcohol addict will not want to hear anything on alcohol, they excuse them self whenever there is any major diacussion on the implication and complications that may arise from the consumption of alcohol.An alcoholic addict will never believe there character or behavior have been affected by alcohol, therefore deny or run away from reality. 

These are some of the major signs you will observe in an alcoholic addict, and even if you confront them they deny the truth but once you can see all this signs your self you can be able to caution someone around you against turbing into an alcoholic addict as excessive alcoholic is very detrimental to the general health status of man

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