6 tips to help you get rid or prevent that sweaty upper lip

Does your upper lip get sweaty during summer? We’ve got some tips to help you out with that

It just can’t be helped during some of those especially hot summer days. Your upper lip gets really sweaty and you just hope that nobody can see it. It doesn’t exactly make us feel very pretty, even though it’s something that you can’t do anything about. Or is it? We will help those of you whose upper lip gets really sweaty through the summer with these six handy tips. No need to feel insecure anymore!

You’re not alone in the sweaty upper lip club.

1. Day cream

Day cream is good for your skin but it also retains heat. Try to make sure you don’t rub too much day cream in the places that get sweaty quickly (like your upper lip). By doing this, you’ll prevent creating an extra warm layer and your lip will get sweaty much less quickly. The same goes for sunscreen! Do use sunscreen, but don’t use it too liberally in the especially sweaty spots.

2. Calm down

Stress makes you sweat. That means that the last thing you should do is start stressing about your sweaty upper lip! Even though it might make you feel uncomfortable, try to remember that everybody sweats. And everybody who sweats feels uncomfortable. So, you’re not alone and there’s nothing to worry about. Sweating is very normal. As soon as you’ve calmed down, you’ll notice that your sweaty upper lip will get a lot less sweaty very quickly.



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3. Makeup

By applying a layer of makeup to your face, your skin will have more trouble with getting rid of the heat in your body. So, don’t cover your face in a thick layer of foundation when it’s hot because that’s exactly what will be causing that sweat on your lip. One thing is certain: your foundation will suffer if you start sweating.

4. Anti-perspiration products

Visit your local drugstore and you’ll be amazed by the amount of anti-perspiration products they’ll have to offer. There are all kinds of products you can rub on your upper lip but do read the package leaflet because not all products might be suitable for your face.

5. Clothing choices

A sweaty upper lip isn’t just caused by the heat around your face. When your entire body is a little cooler, that sweaty moustache will appear less quickly. To avoid that sweat from appearing, it’s best to wear light fabrics as well as light colours. Try wearing fabrics like cotton, linen and silk!

6. Doctor

Do you really struggle with excessive sweating and does this influence your everyday life? Then you might want to visit your doctor at some point because they will probably be able to prescribe pills against profuse perspiration. So, if there’s more to it than just a sweaty upper lip in hot temperatures, go to your doctor. And most of all: don’t worry too much.

Source: www.tips-and-tricks.co

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