20 Best Money Making Apps That Pay You Well

20 Best Money Making Apps That Pay You Well

20 Best Money Making Apps That Pay You Well

In case you are among those that don’t have these apps on your mobile device then missing a lot. These apps offer varieties of opportunities and you could be one of those that can benefit from it. If you have been thinking about how you can earn money with the use of your mobile device, worry less and start using the moving making apps. It is very easy and efficient that you can only spend some minutes with your Smartphone and get paid.

It is very pertinent to confirm the authenticity of that particular app before using it. There are actually fraudsters around and you should be carefully while selecting the apps to use. However, this article shall provide the necessary information you need to know about this process and also how you can start using the apps to earn money. You will also read through some of the best money making apps in this article. Just keep reading!

Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to install apps that won’t generate money for you henceforth; the advancement of technology has made things more easy and simple in our day-to-day activities. This means you shouldn’t be wasting your time on apps that won’t make money for you anymore; you are already missing and should catch up as soon as you can. Probably you have also been thinking about it, you are really reading the appropriate article.

There are some apps that you can use for a particular purpose and still get paid for performing such task. It is very possible, many people still think this act would earn them many thousands of dollars in their account; it will definitely not but rather help you solve some financial expenses. You can actually make some cash while using those apps which could be used to augment a budget or plan.

How to Use These Apps?

Everybody wish to receive money as income or extra in one way or the other. There are various ways and medium you can achieve this such as receiving cash back from shopping or getting paid for watching movies or videos and many more. You can also make money with the use of some apps and the first thing you should do is to install the app and then sign up with your details. When you are able to do that, you can now use the apps and get paid.

17 Best Apps to Make Money:

1.     Ebates: This is a great app that pays you for using it. You can receive cash back for anything you purchase through this app. The scope is that this app receives a commission from shopping stores for referring clients to them and the app divide the commission and gets you a share. Therefore, it is a WIN WIN case. You also stand to earn more when you refer friends to the app with the use of a referral link.

2.     SurveyJunkie: This is one of the popular apps that are meant for taking surveys. This app is very good in making money with the use of mobile devices. You can join for free and start receiving money for using it. Also, you operate it at your convenience and in fact you can fill the surveys therein at your wish and you only fill it with what you feel is the appropriate answer as you are only airing your thoughts about such particular survey.

3.     Swagbucks: This is another app just like SurveyJunkie that will get you paid for performing different tasks on it. When you install this app and start using it for your desire purpose, you will earn swag bucks normally called (SBs) which you can then redeem to cash and be paid to your PayPal account. Part of what you can also do on Swagbucks is watching videos or movies online, shopping, playing games online and many more.

4.     Dosh: Dosh is an app that you should have if you really want to make money with your Smartphone legitimately. You only need to link your credit or debit card with this app and it will get you cash back automatically when you shop or travel or eat at local and national outlets. Dosh partner with thousands of different brands and business owners and you can get the best offers and deals that are appropriate for your transaction on this app so instead of eating at eateries and leave after making payment, why can’t you receive payback with the use of this app? It is fun and real, gives it a trial!

5.     Ibotta: This is another app that gets you cash back for any purchase or transaction you made. What you only need to do is just simply download this app before you go for any shopping and add offers on those products you usually purchase. You can then proceed to the store and make a purchase (keep your receipt save) after that you can now redeem the offer by taking the photograph of your receipt and the app will match the items you purchase to the offers you selected and make a payment to you. You will receive your cash back on this app within 2 working days.

6.     Inbox Dollars: This is another legitimate money making app as it has features that allows you to perform different activities and get paid. You can use this app to watch videos online, play games online, shopping, taking surveys and many more. With the use of this app, you will be paid for completing a specific task and you can earn more by referring your friends to the app. It is also one of the few apps that pay you for signing up. Don’t miss the opportunity, try it out today.

7.     MyPoints: MyPoints is another interesting money making app that you can use to fill survey and get paid. There are other activities that you can also do and get paid with this app such as reading mails, shopping online, listening to music online and many more. This app has been in existence since 1996 and very legitimate and reliable. It is free to sign up with them and you can then make use of it.


8.     Iconzoomer: This app is also called testing app whereby you can test different things from it such as websites, products, ideas and other related issues. Iconzoomer is actually a global network with wide range of users. However, with their app you can receive payment for testing a particular product or service. What you only need to do is just to take the photograph of the particular product and submit a review or feedback to the manufacturer or producer. The app also allows you to test websites for proper scrutiny before it is taken to the public. You are allowed to record videos of how you are testing a particular app or website or product with this app. The manufacturers or business owners are always interested in upgrading and amending their products or services where necessary.

9.     Acorns: Acorns is a good financial app that can help you save money and have a better budget implementation. What this app does is that it usually rounds up your purchase and keeps away the difference for another purpose. Take for example, you purchase a bag of $3.4, the app will help you round it up to $4 and automatically invest $.6 in a safe place for you. What you only need is to link your credit or debit cards with the app and then put “your change” to work for you in a low-cost ETF.

10.                         Stash: This is a great app that can help you achieve your financial goal. The app operate in such a way that you only need to show commitment and seriousness by investing a token as such as $6 and the app will give you more insights about where and how you can make a profitable investment. This app would enable you to focus on how you can achieve your financial goal with the appropriate support. Stash is a Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and it operates within the jurisdiction of SEC.

11.                         Foap: This is a great app that allows you to sell pictures online. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional photographer before you can make use of this app rather you can read on the steps you need to take in making quality photos right from your mobile device. This app possesses a feature known as “Missions”. Mission is a place or spot where prospective clients/customers declare their interest on the type of picture they want to buy. The moment your picture is selected on that mission, you would receive cool cash and get paid to your account.

12.                         Fronto: Fronto is an app that you can use on your phone and get paid. It operates by swiping your lock screen. What you only need to do is just install this app on your phone and make use of it. You can swipe to different angles such as left to unlock ads, deals, coupons, articles and other things you may have interest for. The more you engage those contents, the more you earn points which can be redeem to card gift or cash.

13.                         Checkpoints: This app also rewards you with points for completing a particular task given. When you visit your favorite stores, you can use this app to scan the barcode of the products you want and earn points from such process. You can then redeem the points just like a gift cards from the popular shopping stores such as Walmart, Amazon and many more. You can also use this app to play games online and win different offers.

14.                         Decluttr: Decluttr is an app that allows you to easily sell your games, DVD, Books, CD and a lot more. With your personal stuff, you can use this app to make money and help you sell that stuff without roaming around the street looking for buyer. What you only need to do is to scan the barcodes and push it out. The app won’t charge you for listing fee and it is easy to use.

15.                         QuizXT App: This is a great app that you can use to earn money when you provide answers to survey questions and quizzes. You will be paid for sharing your opinions on topical issues such as education, health, politics, sport and other related scenarios. When you win, you receive points and the more the points, the more your money that can be redeem to cash and pay to PayPal account.

16.                         1Q: 1Q is such a fantastic app that you will not only earn money but also develop yourself educationally. You will be given some certain questions that you will provide answers for. When you answer the question, you will receive a reward of $0.50. Most of the questions emanate from companies that would love to improve in their products and services by hearing your opinions about them. Your question is solidly based on your profile and demographic. You can start using this app by receiving money for giving out your opinions about a particular products or service.

17.                         Trim: Trim is usually referred to as a Personal Financial Assistant as it offers services that can help you shape a better financial deal. You only need to link your bank with this app and it will bring out analysis about your spending and how you can save some cash. It is only the money you saved that you can call yours and that is why this app is very effective in helping you to save money.


As you have rightly seen, you can use any of these apps to make money while doing different tasks. Most of these activities are done before now without expecting cash back, why can’t you now perform the task and earn money with it. It is very possible and real. Go for it!




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