10 Good Ways You Can Get Internet For Free

10 Good Ways You Can Get Internet For Free

It is very possible for you to have access to free internet service legally. The development in technology has made it necessary for every individual to make use of internet facilities nowadays. It is on that note that internet providers deem it pertinent to create new ways that can make people access free home internet access. Therefore, there are free apps that give you free opportunity to search locally for free WiFi and also there are non-profits organizations who have partnered with service providers to offer free or low-cost internet to low-income households.

As we all know that different people access the internet for different purpose. Sometimes, we use it to connect a long time friend and read about a lot. This has made the cost of internet access to be increasing due to people’s want. In this article, we shall be discussing how you can have access to internet without paying for subscription at your home or work place or on the move.

When you take a statistical survey on how people pay for internet access, you will know that it is good if you can safe this money and use it for another task ahead of you. That is why it is advisable you look for appropriate ways or medium you can get internet for free legally. If at all you can’t get it free then you should be able to get it close to free. It is also observed that there are many people out there who are willing to have access to internet but can’t afford the price so they need to see another way to do this and that is what we shall be doing in this article.

Here are 8 ways you can get free internet services:

1.     Get a Location with Free WiFi: Avery good way to have access to free internet service is by going to places with free wifi. There are a lot of business outlets that operate free wifi just to get more customers, you can just go there and connect it up without any payment. Such places might be fast food restaurants, gyms, fitness house, grocery stores and many more. Meanwhile you also need to know how those places operate as there are places that have restricted hours of operation while some has 24hours service. Places with restricted hours may include coffee shop, co-working spaces and more whereby when they are open you will enjoy their internet services and always easy to find than others. Places with 24hours service which include airports, some selected cities and many more. These places have open wireless network day and night. Therefore, if you don’t wish to go to airports or your town do not have it, there are a lot of business and public places you can go to have access to free wifi network.

2.     Freedom Pop: This internet provider gives you free data to access internet. It offers data, voice and text plans at zero cost. What you only need to do is to pay a small fee to receive an internet hotspot which you will use to connect your gadgets such as laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. So after getting the hotspot, you are free to access the internet. You will have limited data; however, as the free monthly plan is limited to 200 phone minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 megabytes of data. When you are interested in more data after the one given, their plans are very affordable and less cost.

3.     NetZero: NetZero is a known company that offers free internet access. However, the facility of NetZero is not entirely free as it only gives out free hours of internet access to the public. Particularly, it gives 10hours free internet access in a month. This means that with NetZero, you can use 10hours to browse through the internet and get whatever document or information you wish to have online. Also note that this service is also a dial-up service as you will need to have landline phone connection to access it.


4.     Juno: Another way to get free internet access is through the use of Juno. Juno is also similar to NetZero as it offers 10 free hours of internet access in a month. Another similar aspect is that Juno also requires a landline phone connection before you can access the service.  With that in mind, it will give you the clue not to focus more on videos but rather browsing through simple websites with beneficial information or just to browse through your social media account.

5.     Connect2Compete (Everyoneon.org): This is one of the non-profit organizations that help to provide internet facilities at a very cheap rate. They registered with Federal Communication Commission and have helped to partnered with a lot of local internet service providers to offer low-cost internet. This organization realizes that the advantage in having access to internet access is unprecedented and hence wish people could afford the internet access at a little cost. Although, Connect to Compete is not relatively free, but they render offers to those with low income.

6.     ATT Access: ATT Access offers opportunity to access internet network particularly people on government program SNAP whereby you are free to use unlimited high speed internet network at $5 each month. This shows that this doesn’t entirely offer free network access but can help you get it at a low cost when you are qualified at $5 in a month. Therefore, the only nub is that you can’t have any debts outstanding with ATT in the previous 6 months.    

7.     Free WiFi Service from Educational Broadband: What you need to do before you can access this is just be a student and be a resident of a certain area then you can go for it. Therefore, when you are a student that is engaged in online activities that earns money, this opportunity should be tapped by you. This program works because there are some certain schools or colleges that offers free WiFi to students and it is a program offered through Federal Communications Commission. Even in a case that you were in the right area and were a student; to get access at home you’d likely need a Wi-Fi extending device or antenna to get a strong signal.

8.      All Free ISP: This website is a genuine one that provides necessary information on how you can get free internet access at home. It is a database that would help you locate free or cheap internet access at your area. It consists of list of free ISP local dial-up access numbers. This means that with this website, you can get not only ISPs but also free service and the list of option offered is regularly updated.

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Image Credit: ZDNet .com