Have you been experiencing a circumstance whereby you wake up and realise that one of your feet is
tingling over the other or you find it uneasy to stand for a long period? Do you also feel the sensation of
numbness and tingling at times? Tingling and numbness could not be a severe problem but sometimes It
make you feel less sensational and hence weaken your body system. Its symptom is associated to the
deficiency’s effect on the peripheral nerves and may be combined with anxiety, depression and
hormone imbalances.

The long term variety of numbness and tingling is traced to be any disease of the peripheral nervous
system. A tingling sensation is often referred to as "pins and needless" sensation whereby you feels
tingling in your feet or hands. Tingling is a temporary condition and need a medical consultation if it
persist for a long time. Also, someone can feel numbness in their legs due to sitting in a position which
puts too much pressure on the nerves or reduces blood flow. When it persist for a long time, it may be a
sign of an underlying medical condition which need medical attention.

The most signs of tingling are weakness, burning, clumsiness and cold. Also, Numbness in the legs may
be accompanied by tingling or itching sensations with symptoms like tickling, itching and crawling
feeling under the skin. Meanwhile, the causes of a tingling sensation in the body is when there is
pressure on a particular nerve or brief periods of poor circulation and conditions like posture, injury and
alcohol consumption are traced to be causes of numbness in the leg.

Some of the deficiencies that caused tingling and numbness are briefly discussed thus:

1.Vitamin E
Vitamin E posses antioxidant that protect the body tissue from free radicals which also protect the
nervous system. So it is important to note that when a body experience deficiency in Vitamin E, it is like
to experience numbness and tingling. Always take ingredients of Vitamin E like mangoes, tomatoes and

2. Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 helps in production of DNA, nerves and cells with its multifunctional abilities to help
maintain the body system. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 could be from the nutritional habits which can


lead to depression and memory loss. When you don't have adequate Vitamin B12 in the body, you are
prone to have numbness and tingling in your toes, hands or feet.

3. Vitamin D
When you have a low level Vitamin D nutrient in your body, it can affect the body's absorption of
calcium whereby calcium is very important to bone health and the inability to absorb it can affect the
bones and tissue. The deficiencies of Vitamin D can also lead to loss of appetite or constipation. Hence,
this symptoms can permeate through the body which can cause tingling and numbness. So it is
important to take regularly, ingredients of Vitamin D which include milk and soy products.

4. Calcium
Calcium is important in the body health because it helps to keep the bones strong and healthy. It also
support blood and and regulate the heart health. So when you have a low level of Calcium in the body, it
can birth numbness and tingling because when you urinate or sweat, you lose some amounts of Calcium
and hence it is appropriate to take diary products in order to have a dietary calcium. Products like
cheese and yoghurt are typical example.

Prevention tips on tingling and numbness:
1. Always participate in exercise
2. Rest
3. Always get up and walk around when you observed you have sit down for a long time.
4. Desist from taking caffeine
5. Always do yoga poses like neck stretch and back stretch.
6. Use wrist splints at night regularly.

Some home remedies for tingling and numbness are:
1. Massage
2. Warm compress
3. Essential oils

4. Cinnamon
5. Ice
6. Balance diet
7. Mindfulness meditation

You need to watch over the diet and firstly decipher the lacking nutrients. In fact, numbness and tingling
sensations are a result of poor health whereby poor health affect the physical activity which affects the
body system. Also, it is not good to ignore the occurrence of tingling and numbness when it happens
because it can lead to severe damage to the health. So anytime such appear, it is important to always
take the necessary remedies in order to stay healthy.

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