Android Q Beta 2: You Can Now Choose To Announce The Rejection Of Fast Scrolling

Android Q Beta 2: You Can Now Choose To Announce The Rejection Of Fast Scrolling

If you’re like me, and usually criticize your notifications from left to right, you’re probably very frustrated with Android Q Beta 1 last month and its new listing for each notification. Previously, Android notifications could be passed in either direction to close, but in Android Q Beta 1, open the left-to-right swipe open the new notification menu. With Android Q Beta 2 today, you can now choose the fast scrolling direction that opens the list of notifications against the parcel.

With an experimental program, there are always ways to overcome them and things are completely incorrect. We accept this risk when you install it. But sometimes, a new feature comes at the expense of regular use.

This is the case with the new way to access the notification list in Android Q Beta 1. If you’re usually moved from left to right, this change to the list is likely to destroy years of notification of muscle memory loss. Fortunately, in Android Q Beta 2, you can change the direction of fast scrolling, although the option to do so is buried a little within the settings.

Here’s the complete rundown of how to switch notification notification traffic on Android Q Beta 2:

This opens a simple switch that lets you choose the direction of the notification pass in the list, which is the chapter. Unfortunately, for those who still want both directions to reject notifications, Android Q Beta 2 does not have a way to keep Android P behaving, and we do not know whether future releases will change that.