18 Easy Online Colleges That Accept Pell Grants

  • We know you want access to online colleges that accept Pell grants! Here is a comprehensive list of the best ones, with tips on how to get in.

After all that hard work and dedication, you’ve now finally received notification of your Pell grant award. That’s a relief, yeah?

And why not?

Because you know, you can use this money to help finance your education at one of the many online colleges that accepts Pell grants. However, you might face a new dilemma over time.

The dilemma is that, with all the options available to you, you may struggle to decide on which school is the best fit for you!

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of our top eighteen online colleges that accept Pell grants, based on their affordability, convenience, and educational quality.

What Are Online Colleges That Accept Pell Grants?

Years ago, only students taking classes on campus were eligible for federal financial aid. However, times have changed, as many online colleges that accept Pell grants are now in existence. What this means, is that online students are eligible for many of the same types of financial aid as on-campus students.

Pell Grants are scholarships offered to students with demonstrated financial need, and there are a lot of online colleges that accept these grants. But, this is not even where it starts to get interesting.

The interesting thing about of Pell grants is that you do not need to repay them. Therefore, if you are in financial need, but still desire to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the United States, this article should excite you!

But, before we get into the thick of things, there’s another fact that’ll excite you! The fact is that, online colleges that accept Pell Grants typically have lower tuition rates compared to traditional universities. Ideally, this naturally eases your college journey, as you strive to achieve your academic goals.

At this point, we have probably told you enough to convince you, that it’s either Pell gants for you or nothing. And so you are likely eager, wondering how you can get access to colleges that can help bring you academic journey to life through Pell grants!

Well, if you are, then you have the right attitude, and that’s something we love to see too! So, let’s dive right into it.

The best way to find out which colleges offer the best combination of affordability and convenience, is to use a search tool, like the one on EducationUSA.state.gov. This search tool allows you to find schools that match your specific needs and interests, thereby saving your energy and time.

How To Choose Online Colleges That Accepts Pell Grants

When it comes to finding an online college that accepts Pell Grants, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • The first is accreditation. Make sure the school you choose works with a recognized agency. This is important because it means the school meets certain standards of quality.
  • The second characteristic to look for is adaptability. Many online colleges allow students to take classes on their schedule, which can be a major plus if you are working or have other commitments.
  • And finally, make sure the school offers the program you want to study. Note, though, that not all online colleges accept Pell Grants, so be sure to check before you apply.

The Benefits Of Attending Online Colleges That Accept Pell Grants

Attending online colleges that accept Pell grants can come with a number of benefits. For one, you can get a quality education without breaking the bank. And, isn’t that what you want at this time? To get the quality education that you need without leaving a hole in your purse!

But that is not the only benefit. Another benefit is that, you’ll have the flexibility to study from anywhere in the country. Also, you may be able to receive more financial aid, because Pell grants can often be useful in combination with other forms of financial aid, such as scholarships and student loans.

So if you’re looking for a more affordable education, online colleges that accepts Pell grants are definitely a great option for you.

The Top 18 Online Colleges That Accept Pell Grants

For students looking for online colleges that accept Pell Grants, we’ve got you. Our top 18 list includes some of the best online education options in the country. These schools offer a wide range of programs and degrees, as well as excellent affordability and accessibility. And, importantly, all of these schools accept Pell Grants!

So whether you have interest in studying business, engineering, nursing or anything else, you’ll be able to find an excellent program that meets your needs and fits within your budget. Check out our list and get on with fulfilling those dreams with online colleges that accept Pell grants!

1. Anna Maria College

AMC provides a variety of 100% online undergraduate and graduate programs in addition to the many undergraduate and graduate programs and courses offered on its Paxton, Massachusetts campus.

If you enroll in AMC’s online programs, you obtain the same valued degree as those who enroll in on-campus programs. Additionally, you have the advantage of attending class remotely via AMC’s learning management system.

2. Baker College

Students can acquire a degree from anywhere in the globe with Baker’s Online Programs. This is because a lot of their undergraduate and graduate programs are completely online.

3. Benedictine University

Benedictine University’s School of Graduate, Adult, and Professional Education, you with the information, skills, and creative problem-solving abilities relevant in today’s business.
Fully online, flexible on-campus, and hybrid or blended cohort formats are available for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in a variety of areas, including business, education, and health care.

4. Bradley University

Bradley University, provides over 185 academic programs, including six innovative online graduate degree programs in counseling and nursing.
And though not online before now, the institution has now altered its approach to graduate education in response to students’ demands for flexibility and affordability.

5. Grand Canyon University

To assist you develop your profession, GCU offers a selection of recognized online degree programs. These online courses, which are available through several of their partner universities, provide a values-based curriculum designed to provide you with the well-rounded education you need to advance your profession.

6. Lasell College

Lasell College is a coeducational college that offers online, hybrid, and on-campus courses for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. And to achieve this, the institution has come up with a creative, yet practical curriculum for real-world success.

7. Lewis University

Lewis University, founded in 1932, is a Catholic university with around 7,000 traditional and adult students. Such students are undergoing degree programs that are adaptable, market-relevant, and practical for their future employment.
The institution has numerous campus sites, online degree programs, and a variety of formats to accommodate an expanding student body. To this end, students who study online get a personal Student Services Coordinator who assists them during their time at Lewis University.

8. Maryville University

This private, coeducational institution started in 1872 and is nationally known as a pioneer and standard-setter in remote learning. Currently, a variety of online bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs are available entirely online, with no entrance examinations or application fees and an average class size of only 20 students.

9. Our Lady of the Lake University

Our Lady of the Lake Institution is a Catholic private university having primary campuses in San Antonio and Houston. Also, the institution have satellite campuses in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as an online presence for degrees in various disciplines.

10. Penn State World Campus

More than 175 authorized graduate, undergraduate, certificate, and minor degrees are available at Penn State World Campus. These online programs are taught by the same staff who teach in Penn State’s academic colleges, and you’ll obtain the same degree or certificate as their on-campus students.

11. Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is designed for working people and removes barriers, so you can achieve your goals. You’ll be able to finish lessons on your own time and tailor a learning experience to match your needs. Get the abilities you’ll need to make an immediate difference in your career—and the edge you’ll need to take on whatever comes next.

12. Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University, founded in 1856, is a renowned Catholic university in the United States. SHU, which has almost 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.
Seton Hall’s online learning programs offer a comprehensive set of student services These services includes online registration, counseling, financial aid, library resources, campus ministry, and career services.

13. Southern New Hampshire University

14. St. John’s University

SJU’s online courses are by the university’s well-known faculty and offer the same high-quality education as on-campus courses. Students enrolling in a full-time online degree program receive an IBM laptop.

In addition, students get access to financial aid management, technical support, library resources, career advice, counseling resources, online tutoring, campus ministry information, and more.

15. University of Florida

Determined individuals can get an outstanding education at UF Online, no matter where their careers lead them. They take down barriers so that their students can succeed. So, if you  finish one of their fully online four-year programs, you would receive the same University of Florida certificate as your on-campus counterparts.

16. Utica College

Syracuse University founded this coeducational, private comprehensive institution in 1946, and it became independently accredited in 1995.
Utica subscribes to the idea that successful learning can happen anywhere, at any time, and its online programs deliver the same high-quality education offered in traditional classrooms in a manner that caters to students’ changing requirements.

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17. Walsh University

Walsh University, which is located in Northeast Ohio, provides a Catholic Liberal Arts education of the highest kind, in more than 70 majors and seven graduate programs.

18. Widener University

Widener Institution is a private, coeducational university with campuses in Pennsylvania and Delaware. It was founded in 1821 as a preparatory school for boys. Graduate Studies and Extended Learning at Widener University offers innovative, unique online programs on a flexible platform. The programs are meant exclusively for working professionals.

How To Apply For Online Colleges That Accept Pell Grants

If you’re wondering how to apply for online colleges that accept Pell Grants, the process is actually quite simple. You can either fill out an application through the school’s website or send in a physical application.

In most cases, though, you’ll also need to provide your Social Security number, driver’s license number and date of birth. And, once you are done with your application, the school will let you know if you’ve been accepted. Also, you will be told what type of financial aid you’re eligible for.

You can also apply here


Attending college online is a great option for students who want to earn their degree while still working or taking care of family.

Meanwhile, thanks to the variety of online colleges that accept Pell Grants, it’s easier than ever to find the right program for your interests and needs.

Also, remember to always consult admissions representatives, to make sure you’re meeting all the requirements for your chosen program, to be eligible for admission from these online colleges that accept Pell grants.