11 Ways To Detox Your Life

We all desire to live a good and healthy life but with that it is still impossible to totally do away with all toxins. This could be due to the fact that we are unaware of the amounts of toxins we got exposed to or the level of our body’s personal genetic tolerance to them. Although, we are all different in life, we know how to manage situations more than each other and very incomparable just in a case whereby someone take three bottles of a alcoholic drink and still stand firm and agile while another person can’t take a bottle without losing consciousness. That shows we are all different in our ways.

However, the major purpose of detoxifying one’s life is because of too much of time consuming and hectic routines, such lifestyle has been seen by people to be “normal” or “not bad” but alas very pertinent to look into. We’ve spent so much time on other issues paying less attention to our body system. This could even make us focus less on our health diet and hence result to poor hygiene. According to Andrew Weil, he said “The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon its own mechanisms”.

There are a few steps you can take to reduce your exposure to toxins and protect your health. Here are 11 tips:


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Wash your hands regularly but do away with hand sanitizers: Make it compulsory to always clean your hands whenever you perform any action. However, in order to avoid toxins, always ensure that you do not use products like hand sanitizers because it might contain nasty chemicals which may add to your absorption of other chemicals you are exposed to.
Do a comprehensive health history: When you get a comprehensive health history done, you will be able to have more insights about detailed health history that will cut across where you reside or place of work and the likely toxins you might be exposed to. A functional medicine look at health starts would suffice that. Some places that can get you exposed to toxins include autobody repair outlets, nail and hair salons, industries using chemicals, lead paint, dental offices and many more.
Check out if your body is establishing antibodies to toxins: For you to be able to do this, go for blood labs to check if your immune system is creating antibodies against some of these toxins fueling inflammation throughout the body. It is a good step to detox you.
Wash with green products: There are some of these cleaning soaps such as laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dish soaps and others that possess harmful chemicals so instead of using it which might endanger your health, go for products labeled nontoxic or products that are plant-based ingredients.
Get some house plants in your house: A good way to breath in fresh air is by having fresh household plants inside your house and place of work. The soil bacteria help to reduce the volatile organic compounds (like formaldehyde) in the air.
Engage in physical exercise: Exercise is a good way to dexox your life. Moving your body with different position and tactics helps to stimulate your circulatory system and blood flowing helps the other organs to process toxins. Toxins store in fat cells, so losing fat will release toxins. Also, it is important you stay hydrated by drinking clean water whenever you do exercise.
Make sure you sweat: Sweating is one of the easiest ways of detoxifying. The moment you do exercise and get sweat, your body will get detox through the skin and it helps stay fit. Meanwhile, it is recommended that sweating with sauna therapy is another way to increase circulation, sweat out toxins and improve lymphatic flow for cleaning. After doing that, always make sure you clean your skin by taking bath which will enable you to wash away those toxins you sweat out.
Have massage: A better way of reducing toxins in your body is through massage. This is due to the fact that stimulating the energy meridians of the body and enhancing circulation with a massage will help you improve the body’s natural detox system, the lymphatic system.
Clean your digestive system properly: Your digestion is a pivotal component of good health. From enemas to suppositories to laxatives and dietary cleanses, your colon and digestive system would always wish to have a good detox. Senna herbal tea is a healthy and natural digestive cleanse that you can try that can help detox your body. You can use a quality water filter in your house to remove most of the common toxins found in the water supply.
Make use of essential oils instead of toxic scents: In order to avoid use of chemical products for scents such as toxic air fresheners and candles, go for essential oils. They’re a great alternative and have healing benefits as well. While perfumes and colognes may smell nice, many also contain toxic ingredients. Using essential oils instead is a great, healthy way to smell your best.
Go for super foods to detox your body: There are some super foods that can help you reduce toxins in your body system. They are known as detoxifying foods which include garlic, parsley, sage, plantain leaf, spirulina and many more. They can be taken in any form whether you use them in smoothies, on salads, or with your meals, rotating these foods throughout your week is a great way to make meals your detoxifying medicine.

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