10 Surprising Things You Can Use Baby Oil For

It is time to now go out and buy a bottle of baby oil. It is one of the products that doesn’t just smell great but is also extremely versatile. Therefore, it isn’t strange that you can use this product in several different forms and types. No matter the type of baby oil you use, though, the following is some of the handy things you can use it for. Are you aware of these tricks already?

1.     Prettier manicure: Is it time to give your hands a bit of manicure? Then apply a bit of baby oil to a cotton pad and rub this oil with your cuticles before applying nail polish. Should you accidentally spill some polish on your cuticles? The oil will make it easy to remove. In that way, your nails will look amazing.

2.     Removing a ring from your finger: You should not panic if you slip a ring on your finger and now stuck. Just grab a bottle of baby oil and rub a little of the oil around the ring. It will help you to slip it right off afterwards.

3.     Extend your shower gel’s shelf life: Simply add a bit of baby oil to your bottle of shower gel and mix them together. It will not only make your skin feel even softer after you come out of the shower, it will also last much longer. Therefore, it is a win-win situation!

4.     Make your skin softer: Have you experienced dry or cracked heels? Baby oil is therefore for you. Before you sleep at night, rub some of the oil on your heels and put on socks. The oil will nourish and soften your skin. Your feet will already feel much softer the next day.

5.     Make-up remover: Are you having trouble properly removing your mascara? Add a few drops of baby oil to a cotton pad and carefully rub this on the leftover mascara on your eyelashes. This will work wonders!

6.     Shaving: If you want to have a super smooth results after shaving, make use of baby oil. It will enable your razor to slide over your skin very smoothly and hence reduce the chance of irritation. You need to be careful so that you don’t spill oil because if the oil gets on the floor of your shower, it will become very slippery and you might slip and fall.

7.     Remove stickers: Do you find it difficult to remove stubborn stickers from surfaces? Just rub a bit of baby oil on the sticker in question and let it sit for a minute or two. You will realize that it will become a lot easier when you come back to it.

8.     Remove paint stains: Have you been busy with a brush and some paint and you end up with paint stains on your skin? Or have you dyed your hair but some of the dye ended up on your skin? It is possible to remove it easily when you use baby oil. Simply rub the oil onto the stain on your skin and let it stay on it for some minutes before wiping it off again. This is much better for your skin than roughly scrubbing away the paint.

9.     Door hinges: There are some annoying sounds that come up with creaking hinges. Definitely, you could go out and buy a special product to oil those hinges, but it is much easier (and even cheaper) to use some baby oil. Just apply a few drops of the oil onto the hinges and the annoying sound will become a thing of the past.

10.  Shine: You can get several things around your house back to their original shine with the help of baby oil. Apply a few drops of the oil to a cloth and use it to rub leather, stainless steel, chrome, or wood and your things will shine like never before. Meanwhile, a little baby oil is enough already and you shouldn’t use too much of it.

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