10 Best Online Sites For Buying and Selling like Amazon

10 Best Online Sites For Buying and Selling like Amazon

For people that carry out online transaction, finding out best online sites for these activities is the best thing to do. So if you are really looking for best sites like Amazon, we shall be giving it out to you in this article. The list consists of best online sites that are real alternatives to Amazon.

We all know that Amazon is presently most popular ecommerce market place but there are other websites that offers the same packages like Amazon and very efficient and reliable. At Amazon you can buy and sell varieties of products and goods such as books, electronics, drugs, household equipments and many more. Amazon has been in the market since around 1994 and keeps going strong all time.  Amazon is based in Seattle, Washington in United States and due to its wide-range of operation; it is now in some countries such as France, Germany, Canada, India, UK and few others. According to a report in August 2017 by United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Amazon is the most valuable retailer in the US with assets worth $83.402 billion. This shows that Amazon is truly a heavyweight when it comes to ecommerce market.

However, you still need to know that there are other ecommerce markets that you can opt for apart from Amazon. This is because they also operate similar features and hence you can dwell with their contents too.

10 Best Sites That Are Amazon Alternative:

1.     eBay: Some many people admire eBay not because it is one of the best sites but also due to its features that has over 150 million active users across the world. eBay is also a multinational ecommerce company has a global presence in more than 30 different countries. It is a market place that allows varieties of transactions. The bid system in eBay allows users to sell products to the highest bidder. It also allows users to sell products directly without an auction. Just like Amazon, you can buy different type of products on eBay and it gives you the opportunity to get best prices and discounts and in fact, you can receive seasonal discounts on some products when you regularly shop on eBay. Another similar aspect of eBay with Amazon is that you don’t need to stress yourself by going through uncategorized tabs, items are simply put into categories where you can just click and choose your desire. Categories like sports, home and garden, fashion and many more are there for you to choose.

2.     Alibaba: Alibaba is a good place for you if you are interested in retailing variety of items. The headquarter is located at China and it operates in more than 200 countries. Alibaba gives you the opportunity to access various types of wholesales products and services. Today, Alibaba is big name that does business with companies that includes core commerce, digital media, entertainment and cloud computing. It is operated across the global and has similar features like Amazon in such a way that it provides online shopping and mobile ecommerce with efficiency.

3.     Barnes and Noble: This site is regard as one of the best site that deals with selling of books in United States with its headquarter based in New York. The company work as retail outlets for book buyers and it has made a great feat by having the largest number of retail outlets in United States because it basically deal with retail outlets and bookstores. People that are so much passionate in reading books or interested in buying books or magazines or other related manuscripts find it easy to get their desire through this site. You can also buy other items such as DVDs, games, toys, gifts and many more at Barnes and Noble. Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble is also similar to Amazon especially when it comes to seeking an alternative online bookstore. Apart from selling books, it also sells e-readers known as “Nooks.”

4.     Etsy: This is another online selling platform that is entirely different from others. Although it is very popular, its own target is about people that are into crafts design, handmade items and vintage items and supplies. This shows that the site specifically focus on a particular design and it enhance smooth transaction on it. It gives opportunity to those that are interested in buying and selling items that are naturally made that is why artisans would always love to patronize this website. The possible products often bought and sold on Etsy include jewelry, clothing, art, photography, paintings, food, bath and beauty products, toys, games, quilts, and knick-knacks. Therefore, it is noted that Etsy recorded 1.5million sellers and 22.6million buyers active on their site. This shows that Etsy offers better customer service like Amazon and in addition, its specification makes more profitability.

5.     Newegg: Newegg is another online platform that aids buying and selling at affordable price. One interesting aspect of this site is that it specializes on electronics and other items. At Newegg, you can also purchase other products such as DVDs, gaming, peripheral and many more. That is more reason why the site is often regarded as electronic store with good products pertaining to tech and gadgets. It is founded in 2000 but presently one of the market competitors to Amazon due to its scope of operation. So if you are looking for another alternative to Amazon most especially on electronic products, Newegg is there to satisfy your desire.

6.     eBid: eBid is one of the best online sites for auctioning and it was founded in 1998.  It is an auction site that has fixed price sales which means it depends on how you choose to sell your products to your potential clients. This site is not really popular among its peers but it has a very cheap fees and it only charges a total of 3% on each sale. Though selling costs are a lot lower as compared to ebay but the number of visitors is also quite less so the profitability rating is also lower. This site is another competitor to Amazon in the ecommerce market.

7.     Walmart: This is no doubt one of the largest retail shops in the world due to its wide chain of supermarkets. Walmart sells different aspect of products and the company has subsidiaries in many countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, UK and some countries in Africa and many more. They sell products such as electronics, beauty products, sporting equipments, clothing and others. So when you are interested in looking for a good site to get your favorite products, just get in touch to Walmart and in fact you can get great deals and bargains on all kinds of items you purchased from the site. This platform is popular for its low prices. Another interesting aspect of Walmart’s operation is that they offer pick-up and delivery services to their customers.

8.     Rakuten: This is a Japanese company that is also efficient at the ecommerce market. The company has so far been extending its scope of operation to other places through acquisitions and mergers. The company owns the popular online cash rewards website ( and it has also acquired PlayTrade ( Rakuten is founded in 1997 and it provides services such as ecommerce solutions, digital contents, communication and fintech technology. Just like Amazon, Rakuten is also global and can be used to purchase different products in the online marketplace. Another interesting part of Rakuten is that it offers cash back offers, online shopping, book distribution and many more.

9.     Target: This is known as the second largest department store retailer in the US. This is because the website offers wide range of operation such as games, furniture, health products, shoes and many more. Its website was launched in 2011 and it has offers a lot of ecommerce services just as Amazon. Target gives out the opportunity to customers to buy higher products at low prices. Also, at Target, even as a visitor you can have access to seasonal deals with makes it one of the favorite site to visit as an alternative to Amazon.

10.  Reverb: This is another website that mostly focuses on music gear. That is why it is always recommended for people that have interest in music or already a musician. So this site provides you with new, used and vintage music gear. The majority of people that dwell on this website are musicians and in fact there are celebrities that also favorite it. Like Amazon, this site can be used to access and buy music gear. In other words, you should consider this world’s largest music marketplace to buy and sell your musical instruments.     


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